Mission Statement

The purpose of What’s Up Switzerland is first and foremost to facilitate social interaction and networking.

Our primary presence is currently on What’s Up Facebook Groups which we create and administer in numerous cities across Switzerland. Additionally we are present on WhatsApp and Telegram.

What’s Up Switzerland is non-profit and all of it’s staff are volunteers who receive no financial compensation for their efforts.


What’s Up Switzerland is currently partnered with SwissMeUp.com, which was founded, and is run by, Bruce Anderson.


What’s Up Founders:

  • Serena Adair Boder
  • Emanuel Adair Boder
  • Bruce Anderson

What’s Up Facebook Group Admins;

  • Moudry Starec (What’s Up Basel)
  • Sam Sala-Mansour (What’s Up Basel)
  • Chris Darwa (What’s Up Zurich)
  • Joseph Lavy (What’s Up Lausanne)
  • Serena Adair Boder (What’s Up Bern)
  • Emanuel Adair Boder (What’s Up Bern)
  • Bruce Anderson (What’s Up Bern)

What’s Up Facebook Group Ambassadors:

  • Anand David (What’s Up Bern)

What’s Up Facebook Groups

WhatsApp Groups

  • What’s Up Bern -> Info / Chat
  • What’s Up Basel -> Chat
  • What’s Up Zurich -> Chat

Telegram Groups